The evolution of the hospital is a unique social phenomenon reflecting societal attitudes toward illness and the welfare of the individual and the group. The field of hospital administration encompasses both the technical aspects of the management of healthcare delivery in hospitals and the social and public policy issues related to access to care. The Research Foundation of Hospital and Healthcare Administration is founded with the aim to function as a scientific body encouraging and assisting research as well as all such activities that are likely to benefit art & science of profession of hospital administration & management in Indian subcontinent.
“Learn to lead, lead to learn” The Research Foundation of Hospital and Healthcare Administration (RFHHA) ) is the leading professional foundation in hospital and healthcare administration in Indian subcontinent that strives to protect and promote the hospital and healthcare administration , capacity building in Indian Subcontinent so that all people can enjoy the best health possible and can live grow and prosper in clean and safe communities. The Foundation will develop leaders for the health sectors so as to enhance the global competitive edge of our healthcare systems.

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